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We are a student organization dedicated to fostering the education of students and other members of the creative community through the development of software in a business environment. The club is modeled after a typical design and development studio, with teams working on multiple projects. We support the diversity of individuals in the creative field, such as programmers/engineers, artists/animators, sound/music designers, story/technical writers, and much more.

Interested in getting involved? Join our forum by clicking the "Register" button below or email us at Everything is centralized through our discussion board, so please check often and feel free to network. The upcoming announcements, news, and meetings will be posted on the forum.

Disclaimer: We highly recommend you, not required, to get yourself a laptop (with a dedicated 3D graphics).


Happy New Year
By diehard on Sat 10 Jan 19:03

Happy New Year! I hope you are using your free time to practice your skills. We will continue our hobby projects for this semester soon. For me, I'm trying to get my job's projects out of the way this month. So, February I plan to spend more time with Creative Crew (that's mean you all).

Development on the Apple iPhone and Google Android (and soon Palm Pre) will continue.

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