Migrated from SourceForge.net to Google Code

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Migrated from SourceForge.net to Google Code

Postby diehard » Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:24 am

How's your summer? For your information, "Developers Club" is now called "Creative Crew". But, the University of Central Florida will recognize us as "Developers Club" for a while until we decide to redo a lot of paperwork to change names. Please make sure to tell your friends who do art or programming to join us here.

I spent the whole weekend updating and migrating the old source code from SourceForge.net to Google Code and implemented new many changes and fixes. The biggest change was removing the "NVIDIA PhysX" physics component from the engine and replaced it with a maturing open source physics called "Bullet Physics". This will give us the ability to be interoperability (transparent and cross platform) among operating systems (Windows, Linux, Apple) and devices like (Google Android and Apple iPhone). Here is an example of possibilities:

For artist, thanks to "Bullet Physics" it is also integrated with Blender (a open source free 3D content creation suite, like 3ds Max and Maya). Check it out and play with the tools:

Old source code using Ogre (OpenGL and DirectX 3D renderer) and NVIDIA PhysX:
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