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A information repository facility. To create and edit pages, you will need to register or login by clicking on the "Log in / create account" link on the top right corner. Learn how to use our wiki by playing in our sandbox.


Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature... Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Adams Keller


  • Active
    • (Objective C) Apple iPhone Sandbox
      • svn checkout
    • (PHP) Domain Generator
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  • Semi-active
    • (C++) Discover
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  • Inactive
    • (Java) Google Android Sandbox
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Microsoft Visual Studio: Convert to Console Application Project


  • Solution Explorer > Properties (right click on project) > Configuration Properties > Linker > System > SubSystem > Console (from drop-down list)
  • Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Preprocessor > Preprocessor Definitions > _CONSOLE (replace entry "_WINDOWS")
  • If "error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _main referenced in function ___tmainCRTStartup" then
    • In "main.cpp" or "main.c", replace entry point from "WinMain()" to "main()".


Python for Microsoft Windows

  1. Download and install Python (.msi installer):
  2. Goto Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables > System variables > Path > Edit > Variable value > Append ;C:\Python26;C:\Python26\Scripts (for Python, setuptools)
  3. Download setuptools:
  4. Command Prompt: > python
  5. Python is ready to use.

Python for Linux

  1. Download Python (gzip-compressed source code):
  2. Extract and upload using FTP, then use Shell (Terminal) to goto new directory.
  3. Install Python using Shell (Terminal): $ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/python261 && make && make install
  4. Edit file: .base_profile and add line export PATH=$HOME/opt/python261/bin:$PATH
  5. Reload file using Shell (Terminal): $ source .bash_profile
  6. Download using Shell (Terminal): $ wget
  7. Install setuptools using Shell (Terminal): $ python
  8. Python is ready to use.

UCF Engineering Technology Center

Through trial-and-error and experience in handling different needs, a general-purpose structure was organized and standardized.

Microsoft ASPNET MVC: Paradigm

A Model-View-Controller framework added by Microsoft ASPNET.

Microsoft ASPNET Web Forms: Paradigm

Microsoft ASPNET Web Forms approach was to mimic Microsoft Windows programming as much as possible. Many developers used to working with Microsoft Windows Forms moved to ASPNET web development without knowing the basics of HTTP and web. Web Forms introduced event-driven approach and also introduced Viewstate and Postback, but the end result is that Web Forms breaks the stateless nature of the web and increased complexity in developing web applications. Many web pages having hundreds of kilobytes (KB) size of Viewstate (if not, manually turned off) that affected the overall performance of the application. Developers do not have control of the rendering markup code of Web Forms and server controls that render HTML with mixed inline style and deprecated tags that does not follows web standards. The page life cycle of Web Forms made it to complex than it should be when interconnecting page events.

Microsoft ASPNET Web Forms: Organizational Structure

Comparing to MVC (Model View Controller) principles of developing web applications, Microsoft ASPNET Web Forms does not have any conventions, consistencies, and overall organizational structure. Thus, Microsoft ASPNET Web Forms allow inexperienced developers to design improperly, but only enough to satisfy unaware stakeholders. For example, selling sport cars with underperforming engines held together with scotch tape. In the end, they will find out their project is unmaintainable (aka spaghetti code) and unfriendly to work with from joining developers.

File Types for User Interface:


Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) external file.


JavaScript (JS) external file.


Asp.Net MasterPage external file.

File Structure for User Interface:

  • \css
    • \base
      • form.css
      • ie.css
      • main.js
      • print.css
      • screen.css
      • template-style.css
      • template.css
    • foundation.css
  • \images
  • \js
  • \templates
    • \base
      • TemplateBase.master


Foundation of all web documents. The sole purpose is to strip away some of the default browser styles applied to common elements. By resetting all headings to the same size, for example, the style sheet avoids the inconsistencies of heading sizes across browsers and brings everything to a common baseline.


Form layouts and elements, Microsoft ASPNET controls.


Special styling hacks for all Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers because it is not fully compliant to web standards and it conforms to be proprietary.


A global JavaScript file for the template and it is inherited to the content. Using JavaScript helps enrich the web application and the user experince. It is the last JavaScript file to be called in the "head" element of the template, enabling previous JavaScript files to be overridden.


For printing from the browser when the media is recognized as print, it is the first file to be called in the "head" element of the template. When called, it is the main ".css" file before propagating to other ".css" files.


For default screens when the media is recognized as a desktop, a laptop, or a projector. It is the first file to be called in the "head" element of the template. When called, it is the main ".css" file before propagating to other ".css" files.

Microsoft Visual Studio: Practical Guidelines and Best Practices

The markup code can be auto formatted incorrectly making it visually unpredictable for humans to glance through quickly. Please make sure every copy of Microsoft Visual Studio are properly setup to follow practical guidelines and best practices:

  • Tools > Options > Text Editor > HTML
    • General > Uncheck "Word Wrap"
    • Format > Capitalization
      • Server Tag: Lowercase
      • Server attributes: Lowercase
    • Format > Automatic formatting options
      • Uncheck "Auto insert close tag"
      • Uncheck "Wrap tags when exceeding ** specified length"
    • Miscellaneous > Uncheck all
    • Validation > XHTML 1.0 Transitional, Check "Show errors"
  • Tools > Options > Text Editor > CSS > Format
      • Style: Radio "Semi-expanded"
      • Capitalization: Lowercase
  • Tools > Options > HTML Designer > General > Radio "Source View"

Microsoft Visual Studio: Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Goto definition. F12
  • Goto declaration. Ctrl+F12


  • Cut a line. Ctrl+L
  • Cycle clipboard. Ctrl+Shift+V
  • Goto matching brace. Ctrl+]
  • Word Wrap. Ctrl+R

Code Format

  • Comment selection. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C
  • Uncomment selectin. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U


  • Auto complete for identifier. Ctrl+Space / Alt+Right Arrow
  • Display parameter list. Ctrl+Shift+Space
  • Display list of class. Members Ctrl+J


  • Properties pane. F4
  • Full screen edit mode. Shift+Alt+Enter
  • Jump to Code Behind/Base Code editing window. F7


  • Start application in debug mode. F5
  • Start without debugging. Ctrl+F5
  • Step over. F11
  • Step into. F10
  • Step out. Shift+F11
  • Stop debugging. Shift+F5
  • Restart debugging. Ctrl+Shift+F5

Code Outline

  • Fold/Unfold the current code block. Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M
  • Unfold all. Ctrl+M, Ctrl+P
  • Stop outlining. Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L
  • Fold all. Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O


  • Create/Remove bookmark. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K
  • Move to next bookmark. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N
  • Move to previous bookmark. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P
  • Clear all bookmarks. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+L



Helpful Links

Computer Science Dilemma

Network Ethernet Cable: Color Standards

  • Copper Data Patch Cord Jacket Colors
    • Gray: Standard ethernet connection
    • Green: Crossover ethernet connection
    • Blue: Terminal server connection
    • Red: T1 connection
  • Copper Data Cable Jacket Colors
    • Red: Cat 6 (non-plenum)
    • Black: Cat6 (plenum)
    • Blue: Cat5/5e (non-plenum)
    • Pink: Cat5/5e (plenum)
  • Copper Voice Cable Jacket Colors
    • White: Cat5/5e/6 (non-plenum)
    • Violet: Cat5/5e/6 (plenum)
  • Fiber Cable Jacket Colors
    • Red: 50 micron single mode fiber
    • Aqua: 50 micron multi mode fiber
    • Yellow: 62.5 micron single mode fiber
    • Orange: 62.5 micron multi mode fiber


Mathematical Physics

Mathematics is the science of pattern and that mathematicians seek out patterns whether found in numbers, space, science, computers, or in imaginary abstractions. Mathematical physics is the scientific discipline concerned with "the application of mathematics to problems in physics and the development of mathematical methods suitable for such applications and for the formulation of physical theories."

International System of Units (SI) (Metric System)

  • Mnemonic: "King Henry Doesn't March Down Chocolate Mountains" or "King Henry Dies Mother Doesn't Care Much"
  • SI prefix (metric prefix)

Right Triangles

  • An easy way to remember these relationships for trigonometric functions and the right triangle. Just write down this mnemonic: SOH – CAH – TOA. It is pronounced "so – ka – toe – ah". The SOH stands for "Sine of an angle is Opposite over Hypotenuse." The CAH stands for "Cosine of an angle is Adjacent over Hypotenuse." The TOA stands for "Tangent of an angle is Opposite over Adjacent."
  • Trigonometry and Right Triangles

Generic Links


Motorcycle Battery FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):

  • I ride my bike on short trip between school and home every few days, is it normal for battery to die like this?
    • Short trips are hard on any vehicle, especially on a bike if it's mainly low rpms. So maybe not normal, but not rare.
  • How often do I need to charge the battery?
    • That's debatable, I keep mine hooked to a trickle charger so it's always tip top. Also make sure that your battery connections are clean and the fluid inside is filled to the right level, if not fill with distilled water and recharge.
  • How long does it take to charge a battery?
    • Depends on the battery and the charger. If anyone tells you less than 2 hours don't let them charge your battery. I throw mine on the trickle charge overnight when I get a new one. Sometime between bedtime and waketime it finishes.
  • Could it be the alternator (the motorcycle's built-in charger)? How do I know the alternator is bad?
    • It could be. Check the voltage at the battery while the bike is running. Ideal is around 13.5V anything below 12.5 or above 15v and you have a problem: could be alternator for some, R/R for others, maybe a bad ground or a poor connection. I always recommend taking apart and cleaning every connector on a bike as old as yours and making sure to put a coating of dielectric grease on it to protect it in the future from corrosion.


How to push-start a motorcycle:

  1. Find yourself a nice hill or if your friend is strong and willing to push you on level ground that will work to.
  2. Put the bike in 1st gear and hold in the clutch. (Or use 2nd gear offers less resistance at lower speeds. You just have to remember to pull the clutch in once the engine starts, so you don't bog it down in 2nd gear.)
  3. Once you get going, "pop the cluch." This means just let out the clutch quickly, no need to feather it out just completely let it go.
  4. You will hear the engine try to turn over.
  5. Once you hear the engine start going, give it some gas and keep the throttle steady.
  6. Your bike should have started and you should be rolling.


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